Medical security at events

Medical security at events

Medcial staff and Ambulances for events

The most important consideration that event organizers have to take into account in the performance of their duties is the safety of the guests, from the start of the event until the last guest leaves the venue. Many event organizers believe, mistakenly, that when they plan small events, a first aid kit will be enough to offer an initial solution, in case one of the guests is injured.


However, it is important to understand the importance of medical security in events in which many people participate, when the probability of injury or damage of different levels of severity is higher. In these cases, it is necessary to provide a wide range of services that includes, among other things, ambulance services for events, so that the event can be managed without worries, and with the availability of immediate medical treatment in case of need.


אמבולנסים בחניית יוסי

Establishment of a field hospital

Establishing a hospital equipped and equipped to a high standard, with an array of ambulances, intensive care mobiles and off-road and rescue vehicles.

A field hospital is a medical facility spread out in the field (with the possibility of quick and immediate establishment). The goal is to provide professional, efficient and quick solutions in emergencies such as terrorist attacks, times of war, or a sudden disaster characterized by many casualties.

The service is also available for large events with multiple participants such as festivals, which require advance preparation for any injury, illness or sudden health emergency scenario. In these cases, the activity of the hospital located in the field, or in the front emergency room, focuses on the initial treatment required for physical injuries, until the victim is transferred to the hospital.

The medical treatment available in a modern field hospital established by our professional teams, and includes a set of medical services that are available in any hospital, from monitoring vital indicators, through complete treatment of the wounded and injured, to performing surgeries. The procedure is based on sorting the victims and classifying the severity of their injuries, and referring them to receive the appropriate treatment, in the open!

Who is the service suitable for?

Private ambulance services are available for any major event, with the important advantage of getting to the hospital quickly, instead of waiting for the emergency medical services team.

אמובלנס יוסי אמבולנס

A private ambulance for shows and performances

Producers who plan concerts with a large audience, today understand more and more the importance of an ambulance service available at the concert venue. The service is available for any accident, injury or sudden medical emergency, and the producers understand the critical importance of an ambulance waiting outside the location, even if no medical incidents occur, because if necessary, it will be possible to deal with a serious injury or a potentially dangerous situation on the spot

ניידת נטן

Private ambulance for festivals and parties in open areas

Private ambulance services that are available for multi-participant events that take place in nature are essential for the protection of the revelers. Festivals and large parties are events that usually take place in areas far from the city, and the organizers of the events know the importance of the availability of the ambulance on the spot, instead of risking the lives of the victims while waiting for the emergency medical services to arrive. This service is subject to police approval or business licensing.

אמובלנס יוסי אמבולנס

A private ambulance for wedding security

Ambulance service for weddings is suitable for couples who wish to protect the safety, security and health of the guests who are celebrating with them, so that in any case where the assistance of an emergency medical team is required, it will be possible to receive the required treatment on the spot without delays

Home Birth

A private ambulance service is also available for women who choose to give birth at home

In cases where a woman chooses to give birth at home, it is essential to order an ambulance service with a medical team, which will be ready for any scenario.

Yossi Ambulance Company provides ambulance services that are intended for quick arrival at the hospital in case of need, with primary medical emergency care given by a skilled and competent team.


Event security services: frequently asked questions and answers

Part of the responsibilities of event organizers is protecting the safety of attendees, and they understand the importance of having an on-site medical security service available.

The common assumption is that it is better for a private ambulance service to be available on site, especially in multi-participant events, instead of losing valuable time waiting for the arrival of medical teams, in situations that could end in disaster.

The most important advantage of this service is the availability of the ambulance at the scene, especially when it takes place in remote conditions from the city.

The service includes a professional, personal, kind and empathetic attitude of a team skilled in emergency medicine that provides urgent and elective medical services at a high level.

Among the medical services offered by Yossi Ambulance you can find advanced professional solutions for the following needs and cases:

  • Emergency medical services.
  • Intensive care mobile services.
  • Transfer of ventilated patients to the hospital.
  • Patient transportation services to nursing homes, receiving treatments and returning from them, patient transportation services to the airport with escort to the plane, backup of medical staff at major events, doctor services to the home, emergency button services, and many other advanced medical services.

Interested in an event medical security service?

We will do everything to make the event as easy and safe as possible.

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